domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

LUGAR PARA SER FELIZ - 2 - outdoor room

tiled patio area with woven furniture

outdoor patio deck with round table set formally, surrounded by slipcovered side chairs, large light teal shutters on french doors leading into the house

Holiday Doorway

Coastal Sunporch

Salvage Yard Patio

Sunny Porch

Garden Lounge Chairs

Casual Courtyard

Porch Perfection

Porch Perfect

Graphic Greenery Porch

Perfect Pergola Garden

Asheville Porch


Private courtyard retreat in the Coastal Living Idea Cottage in Bon Secour Village, Alabama

Outdoor dining area

Large multipurpose entertainment patio

wicker furniture on the front porch

patio by the pool

porch with white wicker furniture

brick veranda with fireplace

screened porch with wicker furniture

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