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             Mirror, Mirror  Problem: You can't put holes in your walls  Solution: Skip the drama of a hammer and nails and prop framed mirrors against a wall. A large mirror serves many functions in a room. With a beautiful frame it becomes impactful art. When angled against the wall, it tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is. When it reflects light, it brightens the space and provides the illusion of an extra window.

No window? Try a mirror collage, totally opens up the room

19 Decorating with Summer White Ideas  Whatever your style, see how white can give your home a fresh, cool look that's perfect for the season.  Debra Wittrup

Old Meets New Thanks to Flea-Market Finds  A beautiful flea-market home proves that old things can coexist with a new space.

Clear Reflection  The mirror in the dining room -- a mirrored closet door placed in a doorframe scored at a yard sale -- isn't the only thing that reflects the homeowners' DIY style. The curtains are fashioned from drop cloths hot-glued together.

Defying Gravity  Expand a small space by "floating" your vanity above the floor. A wall-mount unit provides an unbroken plane of floor, which will make the bathroom feel bigger. This all-in-one unit features an offset sink, which provides one larger expanse of counter space, rather than two small slivers on each side of the basin. A glass shelf supported by a metal frame provides storage.

Custom Creation  A purchased cabinet base and a birch plywood countertop were combined to create a customized vanity to fit a tiny bathroom space. The countertop's curved shape allows the door to open into the room while squeezing in a bit of more storage. A vessel sink and a cylindrical faucet fit the small space and modernize the look.

Eye-Catching Elegance  Applying narrow strips of molding to suggest panels is a popular treatment known as picture framing. Frame sizes may vary to emphasize small spaces above doors and windows and large expanses for artwork. The key to eye-pleasing design is to keep the spacing between frames uniform and the edges aligned.

Antique and Modern Bedroom    A glimpse inside this master bedroom reveals a linen-upholstered bed by Plantation, a midcentury French leather sling chair, and a Venetian cut-glass mirror from the 1920s.Decorating With Purple  Dark Purples  The deepest purples, like aubergines and brooding blue-tinted shades, imply grandeur and strike a serious, formal note. These tones are best used boldly, with commitment. Advises Elizabeth Bauer, New York City interior designer and purple advocate: “To make them work, do something major, like all four walls or a set of built-ins.


High-Style Vanity  Turn an existing piece of furniture into a vanity. Save on expensive cabinetry by cutting a hole in the top of a dresser or chest for a drop-in sink and faucet.

Bathroom Layout Tips  A good bathroom layout is essential to a successful remodeling project. Use these tips to plan your space's layout and create a comfortable bath that meets your needs.

Decorating with Purple  From deep eggplant to pale lavender, purple is a versatile color that looks great in most rooms. Use it to add drama, ground a bright color scheme, or bring in glamour through accents.

Fast and Fabulous Decorating Projects

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